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The Ancient Food for humanity's future

Thousand years ago, ancient civilization like Aztecs and Mayans suffer long seasons where finding food wasn’t an easy task. In order to solve their lack of food, they start using a secret sources call "Tecuitlatl (The food of goods), which offered them a complete nourishment.

Re-discovered until the 20th century and named after its spiral structure, Spirulina Maxima is a Tiny blue-green alga that has been in our planet for around 3.6 billion years. This means that could be one of the first Photosynthetic life forms to populate earth. And thanks to it, our atmosphere was fuelled with oxygen which allowed the development of other life forms.

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    Clean Protein, vitamins, antioxidants & minerals

Looking for Power muscles and faster recovery?

Spirulina Maxima is highly recommended as part of top athletes diet like runners.

The quality and quantity of its protein brings your body to a better feeling.

It also contains all the essential aminoacids in highly digestible forms. Allowing the body to quickly replenish the energy used during high physical activities. And rises stamina levels in athletes as well.

Are you looking for a better nutrition for your family?

Daily intake of Spirulina Maxima helps to the healthy development of your children health, strengthening bones and muscles.

Spirulina is the best and most complete source of protein, betacarotene, gamma-linolenic acid, B-vitamin complex, minerals, chlorophyll, sulpho-lipids, gluco-lipids, phycocianin, enzymes, RNA, DNA, and supplies many more nutrients necessary which covers the daily nutritional requirements for the diet of most people.

Assuring  that your loved ones are well nourish.

Want to increase performance and your focus?

You are certainly very busy, with many responsibilities throughout the day. Which have you sleep little and eat fast food.

Over time, this takes its toll on our organism.

Spirulina Maxima and its combination of nutrients help you improve your performance, regardless of how intense your week may be.

Due to its ease of assimilation by the body and its amount of readily available nutrients, it is a nutritional food which better accommodates the needs of the modern individual. 

Want a Natural feeling of wellness?

Spirulina is the most nutritious and concentrated natural food known to humanity. It contains antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, pro-biotics, and nutriceuticals. That will keep you feeling young and energize. 

Its daily consumption helps you to experience better digestion, because it stimulates the intestinal flora. Which boosts your immune system and increases the efficacy of your metabolism.

Because of its light weight and nutritional value, NASA has deemed it convenient to use it during space missions, and even to produce it in outer space, in order to generate oxygen.

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