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Our Story

Welcome to Spiral Spring Nutrition!

We Believe in a better and cleaner nutrition for our body.

This is why, we have introduced the first and only certified Spirulina Maxima products to the world.


“It would be a shame to waste such an opportunity to influence health.”

 Spiral Spring Nutrition.

What is Spirulina Maxima?

Spirulina Maxima is the most nutritious and concentrated natural superfood ever known by humanity. 

It’s a rich vegetable source of protein, 100% natural, full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, photo-nutrients, probiotics and nutraceuticals, making it the most complete food on the planet.  

Gathered adequately can last practically for ever without losing protein content.

If you practice sports, are young, student, adult, pregnant, senior, or vegetarian, you are one of the many persons who can enjoy this great food.  Ideal for you and your family!!

 There are two Spirulina species:

1. Spirulina Maxima (Arthrospira Maxima).

 2. Spirulina Platensis (Arthrosphira Platensis) 

We are the only ones in the World who produce Spirulina maxima and this is certified by PhycoTech Institute in the USA.

Most of the Spirulina in the World is Spirulina platensis, which is not as complete as maxima in terms of content of protein, clorophyl and phycocyanin, therefore the better for nutritional and therapeutic purposes

Many distributors say they have Spirulina maxima, but they cannot prove it.


Company History

Spiral Spring Nutrition is a brand proud to be found by its main company, PEMBLA Inc.

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